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EJ Face Morphs and Details for Genesis 8 Male(s)

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EJ Face Morphs And Details for Genesis 8 Male(s) is a pack of 372 morphs. You can use them to add natural and detailed face features to your characters, or to build fresh new faces from scratch just with this pack! A must have for Genesis 8 Male!

Made after a deep study of what physical features needed to be available as morphs, these morphs have the shapes that you've been missing like for example: morph the upper, lower and middle part of the nose and the tip independently, make the eyebrows longer in their inner or outer parts, or set their arch, add frown creases, make full and round cheeks or different styles of angled cheeks, create unique ears from scratch by morphing all their sections, apply styles for the shape of the eyes, lips, or nose, detail the forehead and temples, and many other features that turn a 3d character into a living man.

You can use these morphs with other Genesis 8 morph packs, or add features to existing characters. You can also just start with Genesis 8 Male Base, and use the morphs to make a unique face, as you won't need anything else actually. This is possible because we added two kind of morphs: some that add details like for example to morph each portion of the lips, and others that set proportions and major features like the overall shape of the face or the head.

The number of new face shapes that you can do with the 372 morphs is virtually unlimmited.

This is a morphs product, no textures are included.

EASE OF USE: You just dial in any of the 372 morphs to add the features you need.

TYPICAL FACE SHAPE MORPHS: In face morphology there is a classification of faces in Round, Diamond, Square, Heart, Oval, and Pear. These shapes are included in this pack: as full face morphs, and also as jaw only morphs. There are also other face shapes like Chiseled, Concave, Convex, and morphs like Face Projection and others. This is very useful to create a face that is similar to someone real that you know, not only perfect models.

USABILITY FEATURES: These morphs work on Genesis 8 Male(s), and all figures based on him.

MERCHANT RESOURCE: These morphs are for a final user as well as to be used as a merchant resource, provided your charater is for sale, not for free. You can use these morphs mixed with your existing head morphs or reference them and list them as a requirement. You can't repack these morphs in any way, totally or partially, or claim them as your own.

372 Total Face Morphs And Details For Genesis 8 Male(s) (.DUF)

86 Cheeks And Jaw Morphs:

Cheekbones Bottom

Cheekbones Front 01

Cheekbones Front 02

Cheekbones Front 03

Cheekbones Front Height

Cheekbones High Fill

Cheekbones Low Fill 01

Cheekbones Low Fill 02

Cheekbones Low Fill 03

Cheekbones Sides Depression

Cheekbones Under Depression

Cheekbones Upper Lean

Cheekbones Wide

Cheeks Angled

Cheeks Contour 01

Cheeks Contour 02

Cheeks Contour 03

Cheeks Contour 04

Cheeks Full 01

Cheeks Full 02

Cheeks Full 03

Cheeks Full 04

Cheeks Lean Lower

Cheeks Lean Upper

Cheeks Low 01

Cheeks Low 02

Cheeks Mouth Depth

Cheeks Remove

Chin Dimple

Chin Height

Chin Lip Crease

Chin Lip Height

Chin Long Down

Chin Lower Depression

Chin Lower Soften

Chin Receding

Chin Shape 01

Chin Shape 02

Chin Shape 03

Chin Shape 04

Chin Shape 05

Chin Shape 06

Chin Sides 01

Chin Sides 02

Chin Sides Width

Chin Smooth

Chin Thin

Chin Volume

Chin W Shape

Dimples Style 01 Small

Dimples Style 02 Creased

Dimples Style 03 Low

Dimples Style 04 Wide

Jaw Angle High

Jaw Angle Low

Jaw Back Depth

Jaw Back Height

Jaw Bottom Tension

Jaw Delicate

Jaw Diamond

Jaw Full Definition

Jaw Heart

Jaw Low

Jaw Lower Definition

Jaw Lower Width

Jaw Middle Depression

Jaw Middle Width

Jaw Muscles

Jaw Narrow

Jaw Oval

Jaw Regular

Jaw Round Big

Jaw Round Small

Jaw Sides Definition

Jaw Sides Width

Jaw Small

Jaw Square

Jaw Strong

Jaw Style 01

Jaw Style 02

Jaw Style 03

Jaw Style 04

Jaw Style 05

Jaw Top Width

Zygomatic Bone Big

Zygomatic Bone Thin

49 Eye Morphs:

Eyelids Lower Height Center

Eyelids Lower Height Inner

Eyelids Lower Height Outer

Eyelids Lower Sunken

Eyelids Lower Volume All

Eyelids Lower Volume Inner

Eyelids Lower Volume Outer

Eyelids Lower Volume Wide

Eyelids Upper Heavy

Eyelids Upper Inner Style 01

Eyelids Upper Inner Style 02

Eyelids Upper Inner Style 03

Eyelids Upper Inner Width

Eyelids Upper Outer Style 01

Eyelids Upper Outer Style 02

Eyelids Upper Outer Style 03

Eyelids Upper Smooth

Eyelids Upper Tension

Eyes Corner Outer Down

Eyes Corner Outer Longer 01

Eyes Corner Outer Longer 02

Eyes Corner Outer Up

Eyes Cover Fold Inner

Eyes Distance

Eyes Height

Eyes Iris Size

Eyes Lower Depression

Eyes Orbits Lower Size

Eyes Orbits Upper Size Outer

Eyes Orbits Upper Size

Eyes Pupil Size

Eyes Rotation

Eyes Round

Eyes Style Almond

Eyes Style Asian

Eyes Style Close Set

Eyes Style Deep Set

Eyes Style Drooping

Eyes Style Romantic

Eyes Style Round

Eyes Style Wide Set

Eyes Size

Eyes Style Hooded

Infraorbital Furrow 01

Infraorbital Furrow 02

Lacrimals Pointy Down

Lacrimals Size

Lacrimals Up

Under Eye Bags

80 Mouth Morphs:

Lip Corners Style 01

Lip Corners Style 02

Lip Corners Style 03

Lip Corners Style 04

Lip Corners Style 05

Lip Corners Style 06

Lip Gap Soft

Lip Gap Strong

Lip Lower Bumpy

Lip Lower Definition

Lip Lower Depth Center

Lip Lower Depth Sides

Lip Lower Diamond

Lip Lower Not Occluded 01

Lip Lower Not Occluded 02

Lip Lower Size

Lip Lower Square

Lip Lower Thin

Lip Lower Volume

Lip Lower Width

Lip Peaks Narrow

Lip Peaks Sharp

Lip Peaks Smooth

Lip Upper Bumpy

Lip Upper Center Definition

Lip Upper Center Depth

Lip Upper Definition

Lip Upper Diamond

Lip Upper Inner Curves

Lip Upper Not Occluded 01

Lip Upper Not Occluded 02

Lip Upper Outer Curves

Lip Upper Sides Definition

Lip Upper Sides Depth

Lip Upper Size

Lip Upper Square

Lip Upper Thin

Lip Upper Volume

Lip Upper Width

Lips Bee Bite Lower

Lips Bee Bite Upper

Lips Big Not Occluded

Lips Center Height

Lips Protrusion

Lips Small Thin

Lips Style Bee Bite

Lips Style Downward Turned

Lips Style Heart

Lips Style Model

Lips Style Round

Lips Style Silicone

Lips Style Thin 01

Lips Style Thin 02

Lips Style Thin 03

Lips Style Thin 04

Lips Style Thin 05

Lips Style Voluptuous

Mouth Downwards Creases

Mouth Frown

Mouth Lower Projection

Mouth Narrow Inner

Mouth Narrow Outer

Mouth Projection Full

Mouth Sides Bump

Mouth Sides Depth

Mouth Sides Muscle

Mouth Upper Projection

Nasolabial Crease Medium

Nasolabial Crease Smooth

Nasolabial Crease Thin

Philtrum Depth Lower

Philtrum Depth Upper

Philtrum Sides Definition

Piltrum Emphasize

Teeth Canines Big

Teeth Gap

Teeth Incisives Big

Teeth Irregular 01

Teeth Irregular 02

Teeth Size

81 Nose Morphs:

Nasal Root Depression 01

Nasal Root Depression 02

Nasal Root Extra Wide

Nasal Root Height

Nasal Root Progressive

Nasal Root Thin

Nasal Root Width

Nose Bridge Depth

Nose Bridge Small

Nose Bump Concave

Nose Bump Irregular

Nose Bump Lower

Nose Bump Removal

Nose Bump Size

Nose Bump Upper

Nose Cartilage Side Protrusion

Nose Flesh Height

Nose Flesh Small

Nose Lower Width

Nose Ridge Angle

Nose Ridge Greek

Nose Ridge Hourglass

Nose Ridge Irregular

Nose Ridge Middle Width

Nose Ridge Roman

Nose Ridge Sides Straight

Nose Ridge Square

Nose Ridge Upper Width

Nose Ridge Wide

Nose Ridge Width Variation

Nose Rige Lower Width

Nose Sides Define

Nose Sides Lower Thin

Nose Sides Thin

Nose Style 01

Nose Style 02

Nose Style 03

Nose Style 04

Nose Style 05

Nose Stylize

Nose Wide Straight

Nose Width Lower

Nose Wings Depth

Nose Wings Front Width

Nose Wings Height Upper

Nose Wings Height

Nose Wings Lower Crease

Nose Wings Smooth Shrink

Nose Wings Smooth

Nose Wings Upper Crease

Nose Wings Upper Smooth

Nose Wings Width

Nostrils Depth

Nostrils Front Down

Nostrils Lower Height

Nostrils Size

Nostrils Triangular

Nostrils Width

Septum Double

Septum Height

Septum Inner Planar

Septum Planar

Septum Top Planar

Septum Width Inner

Septum Width Middle

Septum Width Outer

Septum Width Uniform

Tip Bulbous

Tip Cartilage Creases

Tip Depth

Tip Height

Tip Length

Tip Long Pointy

Tip Pinch

Tip Planar

Tip Sides Bumps

Tip Sides Square

Tip Thin

Tip Triangular

Tip Turn Up

Tip Width

23 Ear Morphs:

Antihelix Shape

Antitragus Height

Brows Arched Out

Ear Concha Size

Ear Helix Height

Earlobes Depth

Earlobes Longer

Earlobes Minimal

Earlobes Roundness

Ears Intensify Shape

Ears Pointed

Ears Prominent

Ears Small

Ears Thin

Ears Tilted

Ears Top Low

Inferior Crus Depth

Lower Ears In

Middle Top Ears In

Protruding Ears

Smooth Tragus

Superior Crus Depth

Tragus Size

18 Brow Morphs:

Brows Arched

Brows Center Down

Brows Definition

Brows Length In

Brows Length Out

Brows Raise All

Brows Raise Center

Frown Double

Frown Low

Frown Single

Glabella Bumpy


Orbital Outer Depression

Superciliary Arches 01

Superciliary Arches 02

Superciliary Arches 03

Supraobital Ridges

Supraorbital Arches

19 Face Morphs:

Face Chiseled

Face Concave

Face Convex

Face Diamond

Face Heart

Face Long

Face Oval

Face Pear

Face Projection Angle

Face Projection Center

Face Round

Face Square

Forehead Round

Forehead Shape 01

Forehead Shape 02

Forehead Shape 03

Forehead Slope

Frontal Eminence

Frontal Lobes Shape

14 Head Morphs:

Head Receding Upper

Head Size

Head Top Lower

Head Top Narrow

Head Width

Nape Occipital Bun

Nape Occipital Smooth

Nape Shape

Temples Style 01

Temples Style 02

Temples Style 03

Temples Style 04

Temporal Depth

Temporal Ridges

2 Neck Morphs:

Neck Short

Neck Width

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For Genesis 8 Male.

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EJ Face Morphs and Details for Genesis 8 Male(s)

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