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EJ Demon Races Creator and Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s)

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EJ Demon Races Creator and Morphs is a pack of 208 morphs: 105 for Female(s), and 103 for Male(s), and 10 Demon Races Presets (5 for Female(s) and 5 for Male(s)), available as full, head, and body morphs: Baphanael, Devil, Imp, Lamp Genie (Djinn), and Metademon.

This pack also includes two kind of horns, and the morphs for the head sockets so you can add them to any character based on Genesis 8.

Create all kinds of demonic creatures or monsters, like lamp genies, succubus, incubus, dimensional demons that like to play with cubes, Sci-Fi lab creatures possessed by evil, pure evils... everything you can imagine.

All these creatures are for Male and Female, as all the morphs are included, so you can create an entire universe of Demon creatures for any genre. This pack of morphs is a must have for::

- Creating couples of characters of a Demon race from scratch

- Create your own original Demon race, like the included Metademon

- Add Demon features to any existing characters

-Add special features to normal human characters

- As they are morph dials, you can create characters with more or less strong features - Create hybrid Demon races like half-demon, or whatever

- Adding horns to any character

- Mix and match this pack of morphs with our EJ Alien Creator Morphs, EJ Fantasy Races Creator, or another of our packs to create even more diverse beings

The amount of Demon races you can create is virtually unlimited. You can use these morphs over any skin, or mix them with our EJ Universal FX Shaders for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s).

This is a morphs product, no textures are included. These morphs work on Genesis 8 Female(s) and Genesis 8 Male(s) and all figures based on them. Just dial any of the morphs and add the features you need. There is also a .PDF Guide that is loaded by clicking an icon to learn how to adapt clothing to the custom morphs so you can also use them with any clothing.

MERCHANT RESOURCE: These morphs are for a final user as well as to be used as a merchant resource, provided your character is for sale, not for free. You can use these morphs mixed with your existing body morphs or reference them and list them as a requirement. You can't repack these morphs in any way, totally or partially, or claim them as your own.

What's Included and Features

EJ Demon Races Creator and Morphs

Genesis 8 Male/Female Morph Dials (.DSF):


Baphanael Head

Baphanael Horns

Big Brain Demon

03 Demon Heads

Djinn Head

Imp Head

Metademon Head

Narrow Upper Head

Pseudo Horns

Side Horns


Center Face Projection

Devil Cheekbones

Eye Nose Depression

Eye Sides Depression

04 Feminize Heads (Female Only)

Goat Face


Lower Cheeks Crease

Middle Cheekbone Crease

Skinny Face


Baphanael Ears

03 Demon Ears

02 Devil Ears

Djinn Ears

03 Goat Ears

03 Imp Ears


Baphanael Brows

Brows Center Down

05 Demon Foreheads

Demon Frown

05 Devil Brows

Forehead Creases

Intensify Brow

Over Brows Depth

Temples Depression


Demon Eyes

Goat Pupils

Huge Eye Bags

Separate Eyes

Sunken Lower Eyelids

Sunken Small Eyes

Vertical Pupils


Cut Nose

03 Devil Noses

03 Goat Noses

Imp Nose

Nose Width


Atrophied Teeth HD

02 Cut Lips

02 HD Demon Teeth

Devil Mouth Creases

Goat Philtrum

Ideal Lips

Mouth Wide

Thin Square Lips

Thinner Lips

Cheeks and Jaw:

Chin Bump

Devil Chin

Jaw Irregular

Jaw Widen

Legendary Demon Chin


Metademon Neck

Skinny Neck


Arm Spikes

Shoulder Spikes


Back Spikes

Head Presets:






Full Body Shapes:






Full Presets:






Horns (.DUF):



Material Options:

Baphanael Horns

Devil Horns

PDF Guide

Textures Include:

06 Texture, Bump and Normal Maps (2048 x 2048)

Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)

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For Genesis 8 Female(s) and Genesis 8 Male(s).

17.3 MB
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EJ Demon Races Creator and Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s)

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